Membership for 2017 will open March 12.

Registration for returning members will run from March 12-April 1. Wait list will open April 2 once membership is full – please click on Membership drop down menu for fees, registration forms and info for paying by cheque and wait list sign up. Fees are non-refundable.

We will accept in person applications for Juniors and limited Senior membership at the clubhouse once we open on April 29.

Please note that we have an abbreviated season this year and are only open until July 3, 2017.

As a member this year you will be offered first refusal for renewal when we re-open.

New Registration

If you were not a member before, please click the following link. You will need to register by creating a profile and adding in a correct birthday and then you will be prompted to pay the Initiation and the 2017 Membership Fee. If you have already paid for a membership, do not register again as you will be prompted to pay again, instead click Login Menu to use your newly created account.


Returning Members

If you had a membership before, please click the following link to login. Once logging in you will be prompted to pay to complete your registration.


If you have any questions about your current 2016 membership please contact the Membership Director at