General Rules

    1. Respectful, courteous and polite behaviour is required towards all members, guests and staff of the Club at all times, on the courts and in and around the Clubhouse.
    2. The Clubhouse is for the use of members and their guests only.
    3. Smoking and vaping, alcoholic beverages and pets are not allowed inside the Clubhouse or on the courts.
    4. Club property must be respected and members and their guests are liable to reimburse the Club for any damage they cause.
    5. During play, appropriate tennis attire and non-marking athletic shoes (tennis shoes highly recommended) must be worn at all times.  Offensive wording or logos are not allowed.
    6. Shirts/tops must be worn at all times, both on the courts and in the Clubhouse.
    7. Members are reminded that soliciting personal business while at the Club is disallowed.
    8. For the safety of all members, no bicycles, roller blades or baby strollers, and the like are allowed on court. 

Court Etiquette

    1. Always enter the playing area by the gate closest to your assigned court; check with Club staff if you are not sure of the correct gate.
    2. Cross courts only during time changes or when there is a break in play.
    3. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
    4. Do not cross onto other courts in order to retrieve balls. You may be interrupting play by so doing. Be courteous to fellow tennis players when asking them to retrieve your tennis balls; wait for a break in play
    5. Pick up and remove all personal items (clothes, towels, lids, cans and balls etc.) and dispose of all garbage from the court area before leaving.
    6. If there is a court dispute that members cannot resolve, it must be referred to the Club staff for resolution.  The staff person will gather relevant information from the parties in dispute and make a decision.  This decision is binding and must be respected by all concerned.  If a member believes the decision is not in accordance with the Club Rules, they may write to the Club President for further consideration and, if appropriate, follow-up action. 

Guest Policy

    1. While using Club facilities, guests are governed by the Club Rules.
    2. Guests of SWCPTC members will be charged a $10 guest fee plus HST per person.