We now have online booking which is now mandatory at the club in this present time of Stage 1 opening in the Province.

Please take care to read carefully and also see the video at the bottom that will help guide you through how to use our booking system and find an Opponent.

1.  ADVANCED BOOKING is available all day, all courts

2.  Monday to Friday courts starting from 5pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday courts starting 7am to 11:30am will be considered PRIME TIME

3.  Members will be allowed to book courts 5 days in advance.

4. Members can have up to 4 advance court bookings in those 5 days, of which only 2 can be in prime time.

5. Members can only have 1 advance booked court per day

6. Members can only have 2 courts in Prime Time for those 5 days.

6. A member must check in at least 5 minutes before their court time.  If only 1 member checks in before court time, the other member is still given a 10-minute grace period to check in, otherwise the court booking is forfeited.

7.  Members must record all players who are playing on their booking.  Members who fail to do so are considered an “incomplete booking”

8. If two members have booked a court and do not cancel it and do not check in they are considered “no-shows”.

9.  Members who book a court using false names are considered “false booking”

10. Incomplete bookings, no-shows, and false booking is determined at the Clubhouse Manager’s discretion based on demand at the club and severity of indiscretion.

11, Incomplete booking, no-shows, and false booking will result in the following penalties:

          First:              A warning

          Second:          Suspension of 1 weeks advance booking rights

          Third:             Suspension of 2 weeks advance booking rights

          Fourth:           Suspension of 4 weeks advance booking rights

          Lastly:            Suspension of advance booking rights for the season

Watch this video to find out how to book online and find an opponent!