SWCPTC Court Booking Rules

1. Courts may only be booked in person, during club hours.  Booking by phone is not allowed.

  • Members must check-in with the court attendant when they book a court.
  • Only the Club Manager or Club Attendant on duty may schedule people on the courts.

2. A member can book a court for 60 minutes on the front courts or 40 minutes on the back corts and only for a maximum of 4 hours in advance of when they play.

3. Double booking — A member cannot book a court before an event (i.e. can’t book a court before they are in a round robin, team match, lesson, house league, team practice, tournaments, other club events).  However, if the courts are not busy before that event and there is an available court, then the member is free to use it.

  • Members may not be booked for subsequent time periods while participating in any other on court Club activity.  This includes lessons, clinics, interclub team practices or play, challenge matches, house league, tournaments or round robins (e.g., Your friend cannot put your name down for a court booking while you are still playing in a round robin).
  • A member cannot book a court until they have finished participating in their event (e.g., if you have a lesson, you cannot book a court for after the lesson until you have completed the lesson).

4. Continuation booking — during a light period a member is allowed to re-book the court that they are currently playing on, if no one has booked the court.  The club supervisor on duty will use their judgement on what is considered a light period.

5. Members may book for a partner who has not yet arrived.

6. Members may not reserve courts for people they will not be playing with.

7. If a member does not arrive on court within 5 minutes of the start time, the booking is forfeited.

8. The clubhouse clock is the official time for the Club.

  • Time periods (i.e. start and end) are governed solely by the clubhouse clock.
  • Members should vacate the court promptly when their time is over, whether or not their game is complete.

9. Members who clean a court after it rains may use it for the remainder of that 50 minute time period and for the whole of the next time period.

Thank you for respecting these rules.