Singles Box Ladders 


Each box ladder session is 4 weeks.
Sign-up and pay for each session at the front desk


Each Box Ladder session costs $5 each. This is to ensure people will commit to a session.
A small prize will be awarded to the winners of the boxes for each session.

Box ladder will have up to 5 players in each box. Each player has up to 4 other people to play within the 4 weeks of the box ladder session. Each player plays another only ONCE a session.

At the beginning of the session boxes will posted in the Clubhouse. Please use the member’s directory on the website to contact other players. It is up to each player to contact the others in your box.

To encourage ladder play outside of prime-time, we are going to allow ADVANCED booking of courts, up to 3 days in advance for Box Ladder play outside of prime time (before 6pm and after 9pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays & Sundays.) Bookings can me made only outside of prime time.

Both players must agree to the booking. Make the booking with the front desk attendant at the club.

At the end of a session, the highest scoring players move up to the box above while the lower scoring players move to the box below.

If it is obvious through game scores that a player is in an inappropriate box, at the discretion of the ladder director, the player will be moved to a more appropriate box.

A match is a pro-set to 8 games. You do not have to win by two games.

Before a match is started, players must agree by the end of the booking period if the match has not been completed that they will either stop and round their completed games to 8 (see below), or agree to complete the match on the next available court for the evening. In the latter case if a court is not available the completed games are rounded up to 8 (see below). An incomplete match cannot be carried on to another day unless courts are unplayable.

If a match cannot be completed by the end of the booking time or evening, the players round up their games completes to 8 e.g. 6-4 becomes 8-6 and 7-5 becomes 8-6, etc.

Matches cannot be tied. By the end of the booking session, whoever is ahead in the game wins the match. Worst case scenario – flip a coin.

Matches are recorded in the box by the number of games. You can let the clubhouse know your score and can enter it yourself on the Box Ladder.

When serving for the first time, please allow FIRST IN. As warm-up time usually does not allow for serve practice, this is recommended. If both players agree NOT to play FIRST IN, that is acceptable.

At the beginning of the match, both players should agree to either play out Deuces (as in normal in tournament play) or play No-Ad scoring (which is normal for a Pro Set). If both players agree, you can play the way that is agreed upon. If you cannot agree which way to play, you should play with No-Ad scoring. Note that playing out Deuces will reduce the amount of games that you are able to finish and thus reduce your point totals for the match.

If you decide to play No-Ad scoring, games that go to Deuce are decided on the next point, with the receiver’s choice of side to return serve from. So there is only 1 point played after Deuce. The winner of that point is the winner of that game.

If you have not reached the end of the Pro Set in the allotted time, whoever is winning after the court time period has expired is declared the winner and the games rounded up to a pro-set score. Note: if you are part way into a game and cannot complete the game, the match score will be only completed games. E.G. at 5-4 and the 10th game is 30-15, the match score remains 5-4 and is recorded as 8-7.

If a match has been set up and a player does not show up or cancels within 24 hours before the match was to have taken place, the offending player loses by DEFAULT. The player who defaults is awarded ZERO points. The “WINNER” of the match is awarded 8 points.

If a player fails to respond to a match request or declines to play, they will lose by Default. The player who defaults is awarded ZERO points. The “Winner” of the match is awarded 8 points. This type of Default win will only be given in the last few days of the particular ladder and must be requested by the Player who has not received any contact from the missing player(s). Every chance should be given to your fellow players to get your matches played. Do not assume that they are avoiding you, as life is busy.