Award Winners

Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club depends on volunteers! A core group are the volunteers who put their efforts into our events, from our BBQ’s and Breakfasts to the doubles matches that take place on summer mornings. Accordingly, we present the Newton Brown Volunteer Award every year, in recognition and memory of Newton Brown’s boundless volunteer efforts.

The Newton Brown Award recipient for 2017 season was Kirby Chan.  Previous winners include Win Cheung in 2016, Darlene Ursulak in 2015, and Celine Morais in 2014.

We thank all our volunteers and encourage every member to come out and help make this a great club again in 2019!

Board member Kathy Flaxman presents Win Cheung with the Newton Brown Award for 2016

2015 award winner -Darlene Ursulak

2014 award winner Celine Morais