PARK RENOVATIONS 2017 – Club closed!

Dear Members,
The courts and clubhouse are now closed.
We hope to see the courts, club and clubhouse reopen in late 2019, early 2020.  The timing is dependent on when the repair and renovations are complete on the reservoir under the park.
We have been assured that the courts will come back.
All 2017 members (adults, senior, hold, children) will have the opportunity to renew their membership when we return.
Please see the FAQs below.


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the park being renovated?
The park, including the tennis courts, sits on top of the St Clair Reservoir that holds the emergency water supply for mid-town Toronto. The reservoir was built in 1930 and its “roof” is what our park sits on top of. Toronto Water needs to inspect, repair and re-seal the parts of the reservoir. The water needs to be “safe” and “clean”. Repairs have not been done since the reservoir was constructed. In order to repair the roof everything has must be removed from the top– i.e. the earth, grass, tennis courts, playground, trees, shrubbery, and dog park.

Will we get our courts back and when?
Yes. We are guaranteed the same number of courts with the same surface. If the renovation is on schedule, the courts could be back for late 2019.

Will there be any SWCTPC related tennis opportunities next year?
We will be providing our 2017 members Winter Round Robins from October to March as we have in the past years.   We will also be maintaining our A, B and C teams at other locations and in partnership with other clubs.

I paid an initiation fee this year and/or I am a current member this year. Are you going to charge me an initiation fee again when you reopen?
No. If you are a current 2017 member (or even a 2016 member), your initiation fee covers you for when SWCPTC re-opens whether that would be 2019,2020 or 2021.

Is there any possibility of improving the courts?
Yes. As part of our discussions with the City we are exploring improvements on court surface, the perimeter, and other court extras when the courts get rebuilt.

Could there be an increase in the number of courts?
The renovation will specifically repair and restore the park with the same layout. The City of Toronto will rebuild 10 courts the same number we have now. The other areas of the park will be restored to the same capacity as they are now. We are actively consulting with the City to see if more courts might be possible but we can only guarantee the same number as now.

Could we get a bubble on the courts?
No. We explored this already in depth with the City. The reservoir could not hold the “weight” of a bubble (i.e. the force exerted on the base – physical weight, wind force, and pressure) and any measure to make this work was deemed too great in terms of security of the water supply

Is the Clubhouse going away?
No. The clubhouse will not be affected by the renovations.

Am I guaranteed a membership when the club reopens?
If you are a 2017 member you will have an exclusive opportunity to renew your membership when we reopen. If you were a 2015 or 2016 member that did not renew this year, but paid a hold fee of $15 you will be included in our exclusive enrollment when we reopen.

How can I get involved with the club when it reopens?
Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club is run by a volunteer board of directors and assisting members who generously donate their time and effort. There are always opportunities to get involved including sitting on committees, assisting with social events, court maintenance, or running for a director position at our Annual General Meeting. Please let our current Executive know you wish to volunteer.  We always need help.